Popular Weapons Replicas in Airsoft
Popular Weapons Replicas in Airsoft

Popular Weapons Replicas in Airsoft

Airsoft is one of the greatest sports that can be played and enjoyed by everyone. It is the kind of sport that brings together several people in a tactical, cooperative game. When you are preparing for your next game, it is important to ensure that you are going back with the best weapon replica. A well-chosen replica is one of the essential elements of equipment for any serious airsoft player. When shopping for a new model, it is important that you consider some fundamental parameters. Also important is the type of replica. With a well-chosen model, you can feel confident.

Most popular weapons replicas in airsoft

Weapons replicas for airsoft game participants usually differ in terms of such parameters as power source, ammunition used or applied mechanisms. When you want to choose the ideal gunfire replica, you should first of all consider the equipment’s specification. Your preferences and your ability to use the weapon replica is also very important. Discussed below are some of the most popular weapons replica in airsoft.

  1. Machine carbine

Machine carbine is arguably the most common choice as it is often chosen by the majority of airsoft participants. There is a good reason for this type of equipment being popular among airsoft participants. It is characterized by an optimal fire power and very high rate of fire. However, the fired pellet doesn’t necessarily accomplish as high ballistic parameters like in the case of an equipment such as an assault rifle. Instead, this type of equipment allows for continuous firing, making it ideal for airsoft participants.

One of the greatest advantages of machine carbine is its weight. It rests securely in the hands of the user and allows for a very stable aiming even at targets that are far away. A replica of a machine gun typically uses a gas power or an electric source.

  • Assault rifle

Assault rifle is an equipment with a design that is similar to those of machine carbines. However, it differs with machine carbines in the way that it allows for single shots to be taken over a long distance. Another way it differs is that it has a longer barrel that that of machine carbines and can weigh even up to 5 kg.

This type of equipment is a great choice for airsoft participants who prefer a bit calmer game, whereby tactical thinking is the main form of fight. By completing the accessories that are necessary for the assault rifle, you can actually create a universal model.

Besides weapons replicas, airsoft participants also needs some more devices and gear to be ready for the real-world combat game. Night vision goggles is one of the most essentials that you needs to have. Some of the best night vision goggles to consider are AGM NVG-50 3AL1, AGM PVS-7 3NL3, and AGM APACHE A-9 among others. There are many online and brick-and-motor shops selling night vision goggles.

  • Shotgun

Shotgun is a weapon replica model that is not for everyone. It is designed for close combat. So, to eliminate your opponents from the game, you have to get very close to them. Some of the shotguns that are available in the market include double barrel versions, single barrel versions, as well as single shot and semi-automatic models.

  • Submachine gun

This is an excellent choice for those airsoft participants who are not fun or running around with heavy weapons replicas in their hand. It is smaller and also lighter. However, it retains an optimum fire power and greater rate if fire just like a machine carbine.


The best weapons replicas that an airsoft player choses come down to personal presences and the way one prefers to play the game.

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