Dressing Up in Airsoft
Dressing Up in Airsoft

Dressing Up in Airsoft

To play airsoft game means to be prepared well with proper clothing and gear. This, however, does not necessarily mean that you must wear the most expensive and exclusive cloths on the market.

In case you are just starting out, you should understand that there are a wide range of possibilities that you can consider. So, what should you actually wear to airsoft? Well, that’s the question we intend to answer in this article. Read on to find out!

Eye protection (H2)

What you need to wear first is an eye protection. You can choose between masks, glasses and goggles for mandatory eye protection. With the right eye protection, there will be no need for you to worry about getting injured, apart from minor bruises. To be sure that your eye protection gear is of the best quality, you can double check it by even shooting at it with your airsoft gun while you are still at home.

Reconstruction in airsoft culture

There has always been a particular manner in which people dress up in airsoft. But this is slowly changing, with some people now even trying to cosplay in the game. This makes the game even more fun.

Essential cloths

There are essentials that you must have when dressing up in airsoft. In this article, we focus more on clothes.

There are cloths that you probably have in your locker already and they can be the ones you need to dress up for airsoft game. They include:

  • Hoody

Most beginners often join their first airsoft experience wearing a hoody. You definitely have one. After all, everyone has a hoody. What makes hoody a choice for many is the fact that it is comfortable. It also provides you with enough protection as it covers your whole torso including the ears, head, and neck area.

  • Fitness cloths

Fitness cloths are usually comfortable. Compared to other cloths, fitness cloths also don’t make you sweat. You may already know, you will be moving a lot in airsoft. So, fitness cloth can definitely be an excellent option. It is, however, important to remember that fitness cloth will not offer you perfect protection from feeling pain.

  • Boots

Good boots are the first things you should get because dressing up for airsoft is not complete without them. In case you don’t have some boots already, you should consider getting one. Of course, you can also play in casual shoes. However, it will hurt you with time. For instance, you can twist an ankle when you run a lot in casual shoes. This is where good boots come in as they will protect you perfectly with stability.

  • Gloves

Of course, you can decide to play airsoft even without wearing gloves. But you should be warned that receiving a shot to the knuckles or fingertips is extremely annoying. Invest in good gloves to reduce chances of such odds from happening.  

  • Leather jacket

A good leather jacket is thick and protective, making it a good cloth to wear when dressing up in airsoft.

  • Thick trousers

When dressing up in airsoft, you should not just wear anything. Concern yourself with additional protection. Trousers made of thick materials will protect your from any incoming pain.

Cosplay in airsoft

Cosplaying or dressing up is a big and important part of airsoft. Besides essential cloths, participants can also choose cloths and gear that make them look like their real heroes in the movies, animations, and battlefields. You can also dress up to look like any of your favorite security agency. For instance you can acquire cloths and gear that make you look exactly like an FBI agent.

And if you have any hero in mind who had had significant achievements during their time in the military or service, then you can dress exactly like them if that will inspire you and make you feel like a real hero in the field of airsoft play.


You don’t have to dress up in airsoft the same way people have been doing. You can cosplay in any way you want provided you are protecting yourself enough.

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