Popular Equipment for Airsoft
Popular Equipment for Airsoft

Popular Equipment for Airsoft

Airsoft is one of the most popular games today. It is actually a real-world combat game that sees players go up with full force against each other using replica guns that actually fire small ball bearings. Airsoft is a source of joy and great fun for its participants.

Players play with each other and act like they have real military skirmishes with each other. To play this game, you will need the necessary equipment. In this piece, we will be talking about the basic items and gear that you need in order to play airsoft.

Airsoft guns are considered as imitation firearms. These guns have a contrivance for shooting projectiles 8 mm or 6 mm in diameter. It is very important that you know the right equipment for airsoft as this will ensure that you can immerse yourself in the game and have fun.

Airsoft guns

The guns used in airsoft game are categorized based on principle on which they operate, which can be gas-powered, electric, or spring-loaded. Some companies manufacture full replicas of equivalent grenade launchers that can fire a projectile spray of 0.24 in 0r 6 mm pellets by the use of a compressed gas propellant (i.e. compressed air, propane, or green gas) or a high-powered spring mechanism.

You can also opt for the type of airsoft gun which is powered with just a single high-pressure air tank (HPA) and a battery pack for powering the Fire Control Unit (FCU) computer board. These airsoft guns are usually known for their durability and high end and adjustable rate of fire or ROF. These HPA replicas are popularly known as “PolarStars”, despite the fact that this is the name used to refer to a widely-known brand of HPA accessories and engines.

A typical airsoft gun is remarkably lighter as compared to its ‘real steel’ counterpart. This is brought about by the use of plastic materials and aluminum alloy. There are some that have added weights to achieve that more realistic feel. Noise amplifiers and smoke caps are available for some airsoft guns in order to add realism.


Once you have an airsoft gun, the other equipment you will need to invest on is ammunition. A typical gas handbag magazine contains between 10 and 30 pellets in a magazine of standard capacity. However, there are some that are of high-magazine capacity that can hold even more than 50 rounds. In the case of Airsoft Electric Guns, magazines come either in high-capacity (190rounds or more), mid-capacity (75-160 rounds), real-capacity (equivalent to its steel counterpart’s 30 rounds), or low-capacity (10-50 rounds).

Protective equipment

When we say protective equipment, we are refereeing to such gear as boots, gloves, mouth guards, and goggles. You must always put on proper protective gear whenever you are playing airsoft because a shot in the hand is something that can be unbearably painful and a shot in your eye can also blind you.

How not to overload yourself

One of the biggest mistakes airsoft players, especially beginners, make is overloading themselves with unnecessary equipment. It is important not to overload yourself with gear and equipment when playing airsoft.

To avoid overloading yourself, ensure that you are using only the bare minimum when it comes to wearing protective gear.

Also, instead of wearing the usual hiking or army boots, you can try sport shoes or sneakers. This makes you lighter and a lot faster in the game.

Avoid wearing mesh. Instead, wear goggles or a full face mask.


When it comes to equipment for airsoft, there is a wide range of weapons and brands of ammunitions with magazines of varied capacities. Be sure to choose equipment that enhance your game and help you have a great time while also keeping safe.

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