Additional Devices for Night Airsoft Games
Additional Devices for Night Airsoft Games

Additional Devices for Night Airsoft Games

The right night vision devices for night airsoft games give the player a noteworthy over the enemy. By purchasing cool night vision devices for games and equipping your gun model with cool additional items, you are increasing the sharpness of your experience and the general quality of your shooting.

Night airsoft games

Playing airsoft has now become many people’s real hobby. Games are now played, not only during the day, but also at night. This adds even more excitement, especially to the maneuvers.

Playing airsoft in the dark when it is hard to see the enemy is the most fun. Night vision devices such as scopes for airsoft easily solve this problem and give you a significant advantage over your opponent. There are also many other night vision devices that you can use during the maneuver.

For you to hit the target accurately in the dark, you can purchase a night vision device for the game. You can equip your airsoft weapons with cool night vision sight. You can opt for a thermal or NV device. That way, you will become that invincible leader of your airsoft team.

Thermal or NV device? Which one should you choose?

When it comes to airsoft equipment, thermal scope and night vision (NV) devices are great add-ons to make shooting more accurate and easier. Both of the devices allow you to detect object easily in low light conditions or at night. Even though both devices do the same job, one needs to know which one performs better in night airsoft games. To understand how these devices act, you need to know how they work.

How NV device works

A night vision (NV) scope typically uses image enhancement technology. They have image intensifier tube. This technology relies heavily ambient light sources such as moonlight, starlight, and other natural light. There is a built-in infrared (IR) illuminator that work as a light source whenever there is no light. NV devices are available in several generations, and the higher the generation result into brighter images.

Higher generation NV devices can effectively deal with object recognition. These devices produce high-resolution images. With these devices, you will be able to identify whether it is your enemy or friend who is in front of you. It is actually a must-have for target recognition.

On day and night use, NV devices perform mostly at night time only because they are light sensitive. Bright light can actually damage them. So, they cannot work during the day.

Most of the NV devices tend to be less pricy. However, the higher generations NV devices can be very costly.


  • Durable
  • More affordable
  • Detailed image
  • Wide field of view (FOV)


  • Camouflage, dust, fog, and smoke obscures the image
  • Can only function at night

How Thermal scope works

Thermal scopes, unlike NV devices, measure the heat radiation of an object before rendering the image to you accordingly. The images are usually black and white. The images can also be a combination of several colors depending upon the thermal scope.

These devices typically use infrared sensors and also detect temperature differences in order to create images. The amount of an object’s temperature determines the quality of image. Warm objects typically produce more radiation, thereby producing deeper images as compared to cooler objects. Whether your targets camouflage or hide, or even when there is dust, smoke, fog or any natural obstacles, thermal scopes can effectively deal with them.

In terms of target identification, the thermal scopes are great for easy object detection. However, they cannot identify and recognize objects exactly. So, this means that these devices cannot help you distinguish between enemy and friend. It is only good great when you main purpose is object recognition.

In case you are looking for an airsoft scope which works both day and night, then thermal scope is definitely an excellent option. They work based on heat detection. They can therefore be used day or night. They can also cope with dust, smoke, and fog better than NV devices.

Thermal scopes tend to be more expensive than NV devices.


  • Does not produce for your opponents or any other person to see
  • Track handprints and footprints
  • Can be used day and night – in any light conditions
  • Spot opponent through sand, bushes, tall grass, fog, smoke, etc.


  • Expensive
  • Poor image quality
  • Cannot be used behind glass
  • Requires skills to interpret the image
  • Heavier and larger


Both thermal and NV device are great for night airsoft game. We hope that this article helps you choose the one that is right for you depending on your airsoft night game needs and preferences.

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